Research Principles and Goals

Promotion of problem-based project research

Problem-based project research should give students opportunities to approach various social issues, find a theme, and conduct research by integrating knowledge from different disciplines and perspectives. Based on this experience, students are expected to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to construct and challenge a new paradigm with interdisciplinary perspectives. The problem-based project research intends to promote students’ autonomy.

Promotion of paradigm shift movement in the area of specialization

Faculty members and students are encouraged to present their research achievement at conferences at home and abroad. Their action should take a lead in interdisciplinary and comprehensive academic research in and bring a paradigm shift to professional areas.

Promotion of integrated sciences to promote world peace

Students are expected to advocate peace in order to make the world coexist peacefully and equitably not only at local but also global levels under the mission that Hiroshima University practices. In the Peace Sciences Research Project, students will be educated and trained to promote necessary knowledge and skills for approaching conflicts and disputes to provide possible solutions and keep the peace.

Contribution of interdisciplinary and comprehensive education to academic and research fields

The Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences provides unique and consistent curricula through undergraduate to graduate education to cultivate their full potential and develop students’ autonomy in learning. We also make constant efforts to improve our curricula by evaluating students’ progress and achievement. Our education principles should benefit not only the education system but also academic and research communities.