Self-Assembled Gel for Drug Delivery System

Key points of this research results

  • Simple formation process of the drug-loaded self-assembled hydrogel was successfully designed.
  • The release of the cancer drug was possible through solvent immerse at different pH condition.
  • The developed drug-loaded hydrogel was also effective in cell viability test.


In this study, we have utilized a self-assembled protein structure containing a desired amount of a hydrophobic drug, the release amount and release rate of which could be controlled. Our theory was that a gel type of carrier with precise concentrations of a drug could be encapsulated directly within the scaffold during the self-assembly process.

To our delight, the extraordinary benefits of using self-assembling hydrogels were realized during the loading of the supramolecular material. The design of the small building molecules allowed efficient control over the assembled structure and its function. We tested the release rate of the drug during temperature, pH, and sol-gel transitions. Furthermore, the effects of hydrogel on cell viability were tested and the suitability of a sustained drug-release platform was confirmed. The powerful impact these results will apply to a variety of fields with broad applications of hydrogels.