Research Scholarship for Doctoral Students

2024 Research Scholarship for Doctoral Students of the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Hiroshima University Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering offer a scholarship for its doctoral students with the aim of providing support for their study and research activities.


The amount is up to the equivalent to the tuition, and the annual amount is 540,000 yen(for half period: 270,000 yen) at the maximum. (Tax exempt, Benefit type scholarship)
Those who are approved for the tuition fee exemption (Full or Half tuition fee exemption), the amount is decided based on that result.


The eligibility for the scholarship is to be doctoral students enrolled in the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University (including students of the former graduate school) within the standard period of study.
Even adult students who have salary income are eligible for this scholarship. Before submitting the request forms, confirm your company’s regulations.

Students not eligible

Even for the students stated above, this scholarship is not eligible for those who receive a non-refundable scholarship or research scholarship whose monthly amount is exceeding ¥100,000 from the national or local governments, corporations, or foreign governments etc.
(e.g.: Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students, Foreign Government Scholarship students, JSPS research fellowship for young scientists, Hiroshima University Graduate School Research Fellowship)

Payment period

The payment period is for 36 months or shorter after entering the doctoral program.  However, no payment will be made for the period of leave of absence.

Request forms at First Semester of Academic Year 2024

The following is the outline of the scholarship for the academic year 2024.


TEL: +81-82-424-7518 / FAX: +81-82-422-7039
Please change "AT" into the appropriate mark.