Medical System Engineering

Prof. Takeshi Murayama

【Research Keyword】
Digital Dentistry, Artificial Intelligence, 3-d Technologies, Simulation, Epithesis/Artificial Body, Anti-resorptive agents-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (ARONJ), Translational Research

【Recent highlights】
We developed a method of fabricating an epithesis/artificial body, which is made of silicone resin and is used for a patient with missing a part of his/her body, by applying 3-d technologies and artificial intelligence.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We offer lectures and practices on digital dentistry (i.e., dentistry using computer technologies), medical engineering, bio-materials, precision casting, and so on.

1. Application of artificial intelligence and 3-d technologies(e.g., 3-d printing) to dentistry and medicine
2. Simulation-based analysis of work processes in dental technology
3. Presymptomatic diagnosis for ARONJ
4. Translational research

【Photo explanation】 a: Design of a nasal epithesis, which is used for a patient with missing his/her nose), by applying 3-d technologies, b: Mold for fabricating the nasal epithesis, c: 3-d printer used for manufacturing the mold, d: Nasal epithesis  fabricated by pouring silicone resin into the mold. Artificial intelligence can be used for coloring the silicone resin.