Oral Biology & Engineering

Prof. Hiroki Nikawa

【Research Keyword】
Immobilizing antimicrobial and antiviral agents, Oral moisturizing agents, Probiotics for oral cavity, Implant materials, Texture analysis for food

【Recent highlights】
The aims of our department and research club ‘Bio-Tech’ are i) we perform the biological, and molecular biology studies based upon engineering, and ii) to promote the translational research in the oral health engineering, in addition to the conventional dental technology. The curriculum encourages the students in open discussion.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We lecture in theoretical and practical prosthetic dentistry, including crown & bridge works, denture works, esthetic dentistry, TMJ, and medical design engineering using current practices and practical training. We provide practical training for the artificial body, cell and tissue culture (only one in Japan), and rehabilitation make up techniques supported by Reiko Kazki.


  1. Development of immobilizing antimicrobial and antiviral agents.
  2. Application of probiotics in the oral cavity.
  3. Design and application of antimicrobial peptides.
  4. Diamond-like-carbon and its effects on differentiation of osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
  5. Construction of a finite elemental analysis model from DICOM data from CT scans.

【Photo explanation】 Massage which facilitates the blood flow, made by Reiko Kazki Practical trainings for cell and tissue culture (only on in Japan)

【Photo explanation】 ‘Bio-Tech’ members have made a lot of presentations at Scientific Meetings, and been awarded many prizes!!