Oral Health Management

Prof. Toshinobu Takemoto

【Research Keyword】
Oral health science, Dental hygienists’ education, Infection control

【Recent highlights】
We developed disaster relief dentistry after earthquake (Master course work by M. Kume). Research work about dental hygienists education and working environment are in progress.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars


Oral health maintenance is necessary in nursing care and health promotion. Preventive dentistry and dental health education are among the main duties of dental hygienists aim for the maintenance and management of oral health. In response to the aging society, a role of oral health management by a dental hygienist has become more important.
The members of this department are Prof. Toshinobu Takemoto, Assistant Prof. Atsue Matsumoto, and Research Associate Yoshie Niitani. We provide lectures and practices necessary for oral health management such as oral health science, dental education, practice of dental health management, practice of team care for oral health, and practice of oral health counseling.

1. Dental hygienists education.
2. Research about dental hygienists occupation.
3. Career information for students.
4. Oral relaxation method.
5. Relation between saliva flow and emotion.
6. Education about counseling.
7. Infection control in dentistry.
8. Research about halitosis.

【Photo explanation】 Basic practice about dental hygienists’ education. In this program, undergraduate students learn how to teach through simulated trial lesson planned by themselves.