Admission Information to School of Engineering

 In this page, general introduction of entrance examination held at School of Engineering is explained. Please be sure to refer to the list of entrance requirements about details.

Admission Policy

Hiroshima University School of Engineering is accepting the following students widely.
  1. Person who has basic scholastic ability necessary to learn Engineering
  2. Person who is interested in Engineering and curious to learn it
  3. Person who is aiming to contribute to the society through Engineering

School of Engineering Entrance Examination

Category Description

General admission (First semester)

General admission (Second semester)

 General entrance examination. 90% of the fixed number of the engineering student population is selected through this process.

 Selection is based on National Center test for University Admissions and individual achievement tests.

Selection system thru the Admission Office (AO)
(AO entrance examination)

 The past selection system such as admission on recommendation, AO entrance examination, special selection method and Phoenix entrance exam(for middle aged students) were organized into Selection system through the Admission Office (AO entrance examination). Each admission unit holds the distinctive exam imporsing short essay, interview, self-recommendation documents and so on in accordance with Admission policy.

Admission system for own-expense foreign students

 Entrance examination for foreign students who have completed a certain number of units in foreign schools.

 Selection is based on National Center Test or Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, TOEFL and interview.

Special selection procedures by some Faculties of Hiroshima University are not employed by the School of Engineering. 

School of Engineering Transfer Student's Entrance Examination

Category Description

Admission tests for students who have obtained units in other schools
(Student admitted as a 3rd year student)

 Admission system for students who have graduated from technical colleges, vocational schools, junior colleges, and those who have earned a required number of units in other universities. Selection is based on submitted documents and interview.


Category Description

Cross-registration student

 Students from other Universities who are permitted to take subjects offered by the University.

* Student is admitted only when there will be no conflict with educational research and passed the selection process.

Research student

 For those who are not connected with the University and are given the permission to undertake research in a particular field.

* Student is admitted only when there will be no conflict with educational research and passed the selection process.

Contact Information of School of Engineering
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