Student Handbook 2022

(For AY2022 Admission Students)

【About credits for Common Graduate School Course】

In the Master's Course of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences requires that students earn at least 3 credits in "Common Graduate School Course" and at least 7 credits in "Common Graduate School Course, Specialization Course in your Program, or Specialization Course from Other Program" for completion of the Program. Credits for one course cannot be divided into multiple course categories.
Please be careful when calculating credits for completion.
The number of credits for each course category and the number of credits required for completion of a course differ depending on the Program. Be sure to confirm this in the Student Handbook.
This is illustrated in the PDF file, so please check it out.

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Division of Educational Sciences

Division of Professional Development for Teachers and School Leaders

Division of Law School

Joint International Master's Programme