Introducing HUSA

  • Established in 1996, the Hiroshima University Study Abroad Program, or HUSA, is an exciting and eye-opening international exchange program. Designed specifically for university students who are interested in Japanese culture and society or student who want to deepen and broaden their studies with a period of study abroad, HUSA offers an unparalleled cultural experience for either 6 months or for a full year.
  • In collaboration with its partner universities, HUSA strives to offer a program where students can incorporate their academic activities at Hiroshima University into their studies toward a degree, by obtaining credits which can be transferred to their home institutions.
  • The HUSA program does not limit participants to academic pursuits, but incorporates direct experiences with Japanese culture by integrating exchange students into university faculties along with Japanese students. HUSA courses are offered in various fields of study in both English and Japanese.
  • Studying in Japan gives students an opportunity to directly experience life and society of the country, thereby expanding their cultural understanding. HUSA unites participants from many different countries, creating lasting friendships with people from across the globe.
  • Inviting a diverse group of international students to participate in graduate and undergraduate programs not only enriches the life of those experiencing Japan for the first time, but also provides opportunities for Japanese students to communicate with those from abroad.
  • HUSA Program connects HUSA students not only with Hiroshima University students, but also with people in the locality and business through internship and other international exchanges.
  • In short, the HUSA program offers an exciting and once-in-a-life-time opportunity for people to enrich their university programs with the experiences only living abroad can provide.

Characteristics and Merits of the HUSA Program 


  1. Undergraduate / Graduate Students
    • Take credits at Hiroshima University and transfer credits from Hiroshima University to home universityor
      • OR
  2. Graduate Students
    • Conduct academic research

Tuition is paid to home university
No charge for tuition and participation fee by Hiroshima University
HUSA Program is a non-profit making exchange program supported by the Hiroshima University staff

[ Courses in English and Japanese ]
HUSA students can take courses either in English or Japanese
Five levels of Japanese language courses are offered (Elementary to Advanced)
Participation can be 1 year (2 semesters) or 1 semester

[ Global Community ]
HUSA students are from Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North-America
Hiroshima University students are also sent to partner universities