JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) offers scholarship (monthly stipend of 80,000yen) for a limited number of exchange students.

Eligibility for JASSO Scholarship

To be eligible for the JASSO scholarship, students must meet the following conditions;

  1. Students must be eligible to receive a "student" visa
  2. Students must be enrolled at institutions, which have concluded an academic exchange agreement with Hiroshima University and have their application accepted by Hiroshima University
  3. Students must posses excellent academic and personal records at their home university (*)
  4. Students must demonstrate that they will benefit from studying in Japan and will have to produce a clear study plan with regard to their studies
  5. Students must, upon completion of the term of exchange, return to their home institutions to continue their studies or to graduate
  6. Students who have difficulty supporting themselves due to financial reasons while studying at Hiroshima University
  7. In the case that the student is receiving a different scholarship from another organization, the total sum of the monthly provisions does not exceed 80,000 yen.

  (*) Requirements for converting the Grade Point Average to the "JASSO scale."
         Students hoping to be nominated for the JASSO scholarship must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) that is at least 2.30 out of 3.00 for the previous academic year. If applicants do not have grades for the previous academic year, they must submit their grades for the previous semester.

          GPA in JASSO is calculated based on the following calculation formula (round off to two decimal places.) 

  Grading System
Four - grade evaluation / Pattern 1 - Excellent Good Passing Failed
Four - grade evaluation / Pattern 2 -  B  C  F
Four - grade evaluation / Pattern 3 - 100-80   79-70  69-60 below 59
Five - grade evaluation / Pattern 4 100 - 90  89-80  79-70  69-60 below 59
Five - grade evaluation / Pattern 5 S A  B  C  F
Five - grade evaluation / Pattern 6 B  C  D  F
Grade Point Average 3  2  1  0

 (Calculation Formula)
[(number of GPA "3"credits x3)+(number of GPA "2"credits x2)+(number of GPA "1"credits x1)+(number of GPA "0"credits x0)] / Total number of credits

The number of the scholarship is very limited. 

The academic achievement of the JASSO Scholarship awardees will be strictly monitored and evaluated by Hiroshima University.