The HU-China Friendship Meeting

The 1st Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting

On Saturday, December 10, 2005, the Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting was established as an alumni organization for past students and researchers at HU, and for former international students currently active in China.

To commemorate the founding of this alumni association, 65 participants, including HU faculty and members form the Hiroshima University-Korea Alumni Association founded in 2003, gathered at the Hiroshima University Professors Friendship Party, held on the same day. Former Chinese exchange students at the party deepened old friendships, many of them reuniting for the first time since returning to China, and spoke with one another of old memories and about their current lives.

Many former HU international students are currently working as professors at major Chinese universities, as well as leaders in government offices and business. It is hoped that the HU-China Friendship Meeting will continue to develop alongside of China.

The 2nd Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting

At the party, former Chinese international students talked about their memories from HU and mingled with other alumni who shared the same feelings. The President bestowed a thank you letter as a token of his appreciation for the support given to the HU-China Friendship Party to 9 members, including a professor, of Capital Normal University in attendance.

On same day, the Japanese Language Speech Contest was held at the HU Beijing Research Center. The winning Chinese students, chosen by preliminary review, displayed their Japanese speaking abilities. The contest is an annual university event which began in 2006 and is gaining popularity with students from all across China entering each year.

While this was the first alumni gathering in 3 years, all 80 participants enjoyed the party in the spirit of peace and reunion.