山村 麻理子




School of Informatics and Data Science
Graduate School of Education, Mathematics Education Course

Visualize the transition of time.

Research of invisible "time"

In my research, I monitor certain targets, such as air temperature, activities, and body height, many times at intervals, and then compile the observed figures into data called time-series data or longitudinal data. My research relates to statistics and I devote myself to thinking about what kind of statistical analysis would be possible, developing a computer program and analyzing data.
Everyone might have the question "what is time?" Time is invisible. When you are a child, you might feel time passes slowly, and when you grow up, you might feel time passes faster. A dayfly's life is just one day. Does a dayfly feel that it is too young to die? Isn't it interesting to know and visualize the transition of time that you actually feel that changes in various situations over time? Research on time-series data or longitudinal data can give you an inspiring experience.

What is necessary for statistical analysis?

To think about the possible ways of statistical analysis means the selection from existing models or newly developing statistical models fit for data and analysis purposes. Study of statistical models requires competency in mathematics as the models are based on mathematics including mathematical analysis and linear algebra. For data analysis, in addition to competencies and knowledge for the statistics software, languages and programs, patience and concentration for computer work is required.

For rising higher via daily practices

Our University has a group-dedicated advisor system for fourth-year students so that they can receive instructions and advice. Students can study and do the research with the advisor teacher and friends from the same group, and sometimes get together to enjoy activities such as a drinking party, softball and futsal for very pleasant experiences.
Our goal is to guide students to try to rise higher via daily practices. Live each day as if it were your last. Why not join us to study statistics? I look forward to seeing you at our Department of Information Engineering.