Human Resource Development Goals / Educational and Research Purposes

1. Human Resource Development Goals

The Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life aims to produce researchers, educators and highly skilled professionals who have the abilities to promptly adapt to ever-changing and developing biological and life science research areas and create innovation through a flexible, multidisciplinary approach; who have deep expertise and understanding in a wide range of fields, from the basics to applications; and who can solve various challenges facing global society.

2. Educational and Research Purposes

To solve various challenges facing global society by creating “science that can guide sustainable development” in research areas related to biology and life sciences through a flexible, multidisciplinary approach, students are expected to acquire the following abilities:

  • Research skills and expertise in basic biology, mathematical science, molecular science, biofunctional science, environmental science, bioresource science, biological production science, food science, biotechnology, medical science and other related fields, as well as in interdisciplinary and integrated fields of science
  • A high degree of specialist knowledge in the above-mentioned areas of study and an appropriate understanding of different disciplines, from the basics to applications; applied skills and practical expertise required to integrate and link different fields; and the ability to identify challenges
  • An appropriate understanding of scientific theories and research ethics, information dissemination capabilities, and international/interdisciplinary communication skills