Joint Study Abroad Experience Debriefing Session (Autumn)

On October 31st (Wed) 2012, 18:00-20:00, a joint study abroad experience debriefing session was held in the Faculty Club Reception Hall. Former exchange students who experienced study (training) abroad through Hiroshima University’s various overseas study programs reported on their experiences to the approximately 130 participants, who ranged from students interested in studying abroad to teaching staff.

This session was the third debriefing, continuing from last year. Undergraduate students in their first year up through in humanities graduate students and science course graduate students reported on their broad range of experiences. They all participated in one of Hiroshima University’s overseas study programs such as the START Program, University of Exeter General English Summer Course, University of Hamburg Overseas Language Training (German), Kyung Hee University Short-term Summer Korean Language Program, Hiroshima University Chinese Language Program, G.ecbo Program, or HUSA.

This session had the largest number of student and teacher participants

Students from each of the overseas study programs talked about their motivation for applying to the programs, their impressions of their overseas study destinations and what they learned, and compared their situations before and after studying abroad. One of the students who joined the 6th START Program reported, “As I took lectures and made presentations in English on site, I felt that it was very important to study in a positive way. I realized what is necessary to become globally active human power. I took a major step forward.”

Another student who took part in the G.ecbo Program and was trained in Nepal said about his future vision: “In Nepal, I met some people who asked me for money and also others who told me that they felt grateful for the support from Japan, which helped them to raise their living standard. Studying abroad was an important occasion to think deeply about international cooperation. JICA and other organizations for international cooperation are operating in Nepal and I should think about how I can contribute as being Japanese.”

In the end, President Asahara finished the session with the following comments: “You students had a very precious experience. There is much you were able to gain by going abroad, and having those experiences firsthand. Our university will enrich its support system for overseas studies.”

Participating students said things like “Listening to students who have studied abroad, I gained more incentive to study. I will try harder to do my best.” and “I was able to share the experience of overseas study in various countries and I got a wider view.”

Report on the Hiroshima University Chinese Language Program

President Asahara gave comments and talked about his vision

for overseas study

The Joint Study Abroad Experience Debriefing Session is held twice a year in spring and autumn. The next session will be in April 2013.


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