Firefighting Practice was held at the Hiroshima University International House

On April 13th, (Sat.), Hiroshima University held firefighting practice at the International House. After the fire-alarm went off, the international student who represented the residents reported the fire to the fire department. The residents evacuated their rooms, and after their names were called out, they were taught what to do in case of fire, how to call the fire department, how to handle a fire extinguisher and how to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake. Afterward, the students conducted a firefighting training using the fire extinguisher and a water-discharge exercise.

For fires, it is important to first shout “Fire!” to alert others, pull the pin of the fire extinguisher (Pull), aim it at the fire (Aim), then squeeze the handle (Squeeze) and blast with a sweeping action (Sweep). The international students learned the key phrase “PASS” for using a fire extinguisher. As there were only few residents who had ever experienced an earthquake, and in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the focus was not only on fire-fighting but also on protecting themselves in the event of an earthquake.

Sometimes, foreign countries have different methods than Japan for coping with disasters such as fire or earthquakes. Therefore, HU conducts firefighting practice every April and October when new residents move in to avoid confusion if a disaster occurs.

The International House offers housing to foreign exchange students and foreign researchers. The accommodation includes single, couple and family rooms. Currently, there are residents from about 26 different countries and regions.

Residents practicing firefighting

Water-discharge exercise


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