A staff member from James Madison University (U.S.A.) visits HU through the INU Staff Shadowing Program

Over a one-week period from June 10 (Sat.) to 16 (Fri.), James Madison University (U.S.A) staff member Mr. Cover Heishman (Area Director, Office of Residence Life) visited Hiroshima University and took a training through the INU Staff Shadowing Program*.

At JMU, Mr. Heishman’s duties include acting as Hall Director in the student dormitories, as well as managing and supervising Resident Advisors (recruitment, selection process, public relations, education and evaluation). Furthermore, JMU accepts short-term international students in its student dormitories, and since 2011, Mr. Heishman has been involved in the receiving of over 160 HU students through the short-term overseas study “START program”.

During his stay, Mr. Heishman worked closely with the Student Services Group and International Exchange Group, toured the facilities of HU’s dormitories and Student Plaza, and participated in active discussion with HU staff about international exchange and student dormitory set-ups. Through this, both HU and JMU were able to deepen their knowledge about the similarities and differences between their respective university systems, becoming an excellent learning opportunity for each party.

Mr. Heishman also gave a presentation about facilities and operations at JMU, attended by 18 staff and faculty members from HU. During the presentation he talked about the operating system of JMU student dormitories, especially on points of difference with Japanese dormitories, including how to utilize dormitory during holiday periods, and introducing the “Faculty-In-Residence” program where faculty staff live in the student dormitories. This presentation offered the opportunity to learn about JMU’s systems for the promotion of diversity and inclusion through their case examples, and the attending HU staff members asked many questions and participated in active discussion.

 (*) About the INU Staff Shadowing Program:
The INU Staff Shadowing Program is a faculty and staff training program, part of the activities of INU (International Network of Universities) affiliated universities. Faculty/staff members at senior and middle level are dispatched for a period of one to two weeks to one or two INU affiliated universities, with the aims of deepening inter-university understanding and furthering internationalization. As of June 2017 there are 12 INU universities, including HU, across 11 countries.

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Presentation by Mr. Heishman

Commemorative photo including HU Vice President (responsible for Student Support), Vice President (responsible for International Exchange), Mr. Heishman and other related staff members

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