Staff Development

INU Resercher Mobility Program

This program, which began anew in 2006, is a training program intended for university administrators. The INU Resercher Mobility Program (Formerly, Staff Shadowing Program)aims to strengthen the links between members by providing opportunities to administrative staff to visit, study, discuss, and benchmark administration and governance systems across the network. Through the visits, both the sending and the hosting universities benefit from the sharing of best practices. Through the program, staff members spend one or two weeks with one or two different INU partners, during which the staff member gets to “shadow” a colleague at the hosting universities.

Please refer to INU website for details and updates of the program.

Professional Staff Training

Organized every other year, INU’s Professional Staff Training provides an opportunity for member universities’ staff to participate in active learning about best practices in student affairs and administration. Participants engage in workshops, networking, presentations, and cultural events. The aim is active involvement in planning and carrying out the training by both visiting and host staff. INU members determine the theme of the training based on their interests.