Female Researchers

Meet Moe nakazora

Lecturer, Cultural anthroplogy- Moe Nakazora

I want to understand more about human societies that are not familiar with us, whether that is learning about the activities of a traditional medical practitioner in India or the lives of scientists in Japan.

Meet Deepa Kamath Kasaragod

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology-Deepa Kamath Kasaragod

One day I'm working on animals, the next day I'm building the optical equipment and then I am writing software programs or doing electronics.

Meet Eiko Iwakoshi

Doctor, Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life - Eiko Iwakoshi

"I discovered a brand-new substance! It is an almost impossible task, almost everyone fails at it..."

Meet Hikaru Yabuta

Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science - Hikaru Yabuta

"When we discover something, even if it is a small finding, this stimulates our curiosity and is a driving force to think of a new idea..."

Meet Haruko Takahashi

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life- Haruko Takahashi

"The simple motivation for why I do research is seeking the answer to the question of why we make cancer cells in our body..."

Meet Hanae Inami

Assistant Professor, Astrophysical Science Center - Hanae Inami

"I find a new result and I realize that I’m likely the only person on the earth to know about it..."

Meet Thanutchaporn Kumrungsee

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life-Thanutchaporn Kumrungsee

"Some instruments, super machines, or even money may be a big deal, but without people who understand, support, and stand beside me those things are meaningless ..."