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"Monozukuri (Craftwork) Plaza" is a University-wide facility of Hiroshima University. Our service is not available to off-campus visitors. (Upon request, visitors are welcome to observe our facility.) 

With the purpose of providing education and research support for the members of the university in the area of manufacturing, we established this support system, which offers comprehensive support and guidance from our dedicated staff.

Please note that most of our staff are not confident using English.  If you are concerned about this, please come with a Japanese-speaking friend or tutor, or contact us in advance so that we can make preparations to help you.

The Plaza consists of the “Phoenix Factory” and the “Phoenix Workshop & Atelier.”

The Phoenix Factory is operated as a facility for “Work-Order Request” and “Student Practical Training,” while the Phoenix Workshop & Atelier is where members of the University make their own products.

The facilities can be used differently depending on the purpose. For more information, please visit the respective pages.

Phoenix Factory

  • Manufacture products (apparatus, test pieces, jigs, etc.) for educational and research activities. 
  • Support students' practical training through the use of our manufacturing facilities.

Phoenix Workshop & Atelier

  • Equipped with necessary machinery, tools, and equipment for research and creative activities; it is open to students, faculty, and staff of Hiroshima University to manufacture items on their own. 

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