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Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science

The Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science at Hiroshima University offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education and researches in sedimentology, paleontology, petrology, structural geology, mineralogy, economic geology, geodynamics, seismology, cosmochemistry and geochemistry. We hope that our education and researches promote our understanding of the following subjects and topics: evolution of the Earth, present state of the Earth's interior, change of the Earth's surface environment, geological hazards, and mineral resources.
Since September 2007, the program for Improving Graduate School Education, "Education and Training of World-Class Geoexperts" has been supported by JSPS. This new program is designed to produce world-class researchers and engineers in Earth science (geoexperts) capable of exploring novel discoveries and applying their knowledge to diagnose the Earth conditions. Information of educational courses and research activities of our department can be obtained at the website.

Mantle rock
Mantle rock