Department of Physical Science

Physical science addresses key issues such as the origin of matter and how the universe came into existence. Numbers of new materials are created each year, though they are all composed from a limited kind of atoms. Why do these substances show different properties and functions? Many such fundamental questions have always attracted our interests.
Physical science tackles these questions based on fundamental principles and laws. Likely, even the origin of the fundamental principles and laws have been questioned and are extensively studied.
In the physical science course, active research is underway in twelve laboratories.
Students are expected to participate in the research program to gain the skills of professional researchers as well as to acquire a deeper understanding of the fundamental laws through lectures and seminars. The detailed program may be found in the Web page in each laboratory.
Foreign students who wish to apply in the physical science course are expected to have appropriate Japanese or English language skills. It is suggested that they have to contact a professor through e-mail in advance and discuss the research program they are interested in.

Physical Science
Physical Science