現地レポート1 (from Tallahassee in Florida state, USA, Yongfeng ZHANG)

Good morning! I am Yongfeng Zhang. I’m writing this email in the library named Strozier Library. It’s 12:15 am on Monday. 
Last week I helped to prepared and  attended 2 day’s PIE Teaching Conference & TA Orientation with a large number of Florida State University students. 
Today is the first day of a new semester at FSU.  So many students came back from their holiday. Also, a lot of new comers came. There are many senior volunteers on the campus who are looking for every chance to give you a very ebthusiastic help. Have a good week! 
Best wishes!

現地レポート2 (from Tallahassee in Florida state, USA, Yongfeng ZHANG)

How are you? My schedule of classes became very tight from last week. Because of the hurricane and the problem of on-line registration system, I started the class observation from last Monday. I attend the TAs classes and Ella-Mae’s classes in the Stone Building (college of education/ school of teacher education). 
There are 9 TAs under Ella-Mae’s leadership, usually they have TAs group meeting once a month. They invited me to join the meeting yesterday. It was really great group, and they discussed about the problems of registration system, student management, course materials and solutions of these problems. 
I’m also taking participating in PIE program’s workshops under Lisa. 

P.S.  I heard that Hiroshima Carp made a hit on September 10th. At the same day, football game was held in FSU. FSU team also won the team from Charleston with 52-8. Congratulations!!!!!

現地レポート3 (from Geneva, Switzerland, Venephet PHILATHONG)

From 26th September to 7th October 2016, I carried out routine work, helping the mission on administrative and diplomatic work included doing research on current affairs.
Apart from that, I attended some conferences at UNOG these past weeks namely the 67th Session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioners for Refugee). Where I have learnt and witnessed how international community form ideas and policy to solve refugee crisis. This is such an emerging international issue as we all have seen from daily news. UNHCR who deal with refugee crisis attempted to find solution within this ExCom.
 As usual, there were Side Events supporting the ExCom. I frequently participated at this kind of talks where we can learn from precious experiences of speakers who come from varied field of work and most of them are high ranking diplomats and UN experts.
The last week of my internship at UNOG was the review and conclusion of my entire internship. I submitted my internship reports to the mission and made a brief presentation of what I have learnt for the past two months. The diplomats at the mission gave some comments and instructions for improve my further work and I finalized the report for my host institution.

現地レポート4 (from Geneva, Switzerland, Venephet PHILATHONG)

Having internship at the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG), my weekdays have been spent mainly attending meeting at UNOG from 10 am until 6pm and some were exceeded. It was such an intense week with loads of information to process as I attended number of meetings, which all relevant to my research topic.
This past week, the meetings were relevant to my research topic namely the 10th Conference of the High Contracting Parties to Protocol V on Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the use of Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). I was so into learning at these meetings to the point where i dreamed about it even when i slept. Nonetheless, i really enjoy living in Geneva where i can across to France easily on the weekends. 

現地レポート5 (from Geneva, Switzerland, Venephet PHILATHONG)

There have been two hectic weeks here in Geneva. There was The 6th Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions from 5 – 7 September 2016. Participants were high ranking government officers, experts and scholars from all over the world gathering at UNOG. They discussed about the implementation of the convention, updated on the operations such as Cluster Munitions Remnants or Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) clearance, victim assistance, and international cooperation and assistance. I attended the meeting every day from 10am until 6pm and during lunch break I grabbed quick lunch or even skipped lunch to attend Side Events.
Side event is an informative panel for experts and scholars to discuss and exchange views on the important issue such as “Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants 2016” hosted by Mine Action Review Organization, “Development, Mine Action and the SDGs” hosted by UNDP…. Many of these side events are  extremely relevant to my research theme hence I took this opportunity to have intellectual conversations with respective experts on UXO and Sustainable Development field.
There were also several informal events for participants to exchange view and thoughts at reception event for instance. This is a good place for social networking particular when you are interested in working with international community or diplomatic field.

現地レポート6 (from Bandung, Indonesia, Rie MATSUI)

Selamat siang! Good afternoon from Bandung, Indonesia. Now I am writing this email at my host institute, Indonesia University of Education, UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)
One week passed so quickly, and I am getting used to the life here, Bandung.  It is my first time to visit Indonesia, and I faced so many culture shocks! Heavy traffic jam, squawk of car horns, vitality of people, and the adhan, call for prayer from a mosque's minarets.
From Monday, I started working at UPI. I attended Hiragana orientation for 1st semester students. There are around 20 students in each class, and they are so motivated to study Japanese and Japanese cultures. They love Japanese anime, food, comedy and so on. I checked their writing of Hiragana and Katakana. From next week, I will make lectures which I was planning before going. I hope students will enjoy my lectures and learn new things about Japan. 
I am so glad to be here with all kind and nice professors and stuffs of UPI. Indonesian people are so kind and I really like them.
Today, in the Japanese culture class, we taught them how to wear Yukata. This is the picture of that.

現地レポート7 (from Bandung, Indonesia, Rie MATSUI)

I have come to the halfway point of my internship.
This week was memorable week. On Monday, there was a special festival for Muslim people, Eid Al-Adha(Festival of Sacrifice). One professor in UPI invited us to his house and we joined that festival. I saw the sacrifice of cow for the first time, it was surprising experience. After that we cooked Indonesian foods and Japanese foods together. Every family and neighbors gathered together and had a wonderful time. 
On Tuesday, I made a lecture about Hiroshima and Peace. Students at UPI have learned about Hiroshima in the history class, but they did not know what happed under the mushroom cloud. I taught them what happened on August 6th, and how the message of Hiroshima spread around the world. Students seemed to have interested to hear new story about Hiroshima and the impact of Atomic-bomb. At last, we folded paper crane as a cultural activity. 

現地レポート8 (from Bandung, Indonesia, Rie MATSUI)

On Wednesday, I stayed with teacher’s house, and they took me to the Islamic Junior High School for women, Islamic elementary school in Cimahi and local Quaran School for children.
In elementary school, they showed me the Quran recitation, and I taught them some easy Japanese conversation. They were so happy to see Japanese and learn Japanese for the first time, and I was also glad to see their beautiful smiles! It was so great experience.

現地レポート9 (from Bandung, Indonesia, Momoko TOMITAYA)


現地レポート10  (from Bandung, Indonesia, Momoko TOMITAYA)


現地レポート11 (from Bandung, Indonesia, Momoko TOMITAYA)


現地レポート12 (from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Daiki KANAO)

Good afternoon. I would like to update my internship in UTM (Universiti Keknologi Malaysia).
One other master student, Kento Sumida, and I had arrived in UTM on 1st September. We met Azuan-san, our senior student from IDEC staying in UTM since this April, and he told me the current situation of our experiment here. I need to take over his experiment because the weather here has not been stable, so he gave me so much advice on this.
Also we visited our host institute, ISI (Institut Sultan Iskandar), and met Prof. Hamdan. He is very so generous and kind person that he invited us to his two daughters' weddings. I would like to join if time allows. And he showed us the office that we can use, and there are members from other project in cooperation with MIT also staying so I believe it would be interesting to spend time there. 
Today we are experiencing very heavy rain. This coming Monday is national holiday and I guess there will be silence all over the campus.
I hope I can have some time to go out.

Picture: Experimental house(left), Scene of experiment with Azuan-san(right)

現地レポート13 (from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Daiki KANAO)

Last week, I managed to finish the previous experiment case, there were few sunny days so it took a bit long time.
Actually my work has just started from then, and I need to cooperate with local people to make a deal, which is very challenging because not all the people can speak English.
With some help of ISI and the friends here, it seems okay so far.
And the local worker will start to work at the experimental house from tomorrow, I need to make sure what shouldn’t be done in the house to them.
But still problem arose from unexpected point, the parcel I had shipped before I left Japan hasn’t been delivered to UTM and I need to take it from the customs.Hopefully I can get it on Sunday.

現地レポート14 (from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Daiki KANAO)

At the experimental house, some works needed to be done for the measurement. I will try to see the effect of internal insulation for this time, I had to prepare several things.
First part was to install frames to support insulation, this was conducted by the local workers. Then I attached brong anchor, a tool to fix the insulation on the wall, and it was really hard task. Next was to install insulation on the wall using brong anchor. All the surface of the wall was covered with insulation. Finally, the last part was to cover the insulation with plaster boards by the local workers again.
After all these works, the insulation installation completed.

現地レポート15 (from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Daiki KANAO)

Good evening, this is Daiki. Now the stay is only about 3 weeks left, my measurement is about to start.
The experimental house is equipped with air-conditioner, which makes staying in the house more comfortable. And in the last report I wrote about the internal wall insulation, this time I installed the rest part, floor and ceiling. All the wall facing this room is now covered with insulation. 
My measurement focuses on the effect of insulation on the reduction of cooling load. I think I can start the measurement in a few days.
But one concern is the weather here, today is rainy and the cloud was growling so loudly in the midnight and that even waked me up.  I hope this is just a temporary situation.

現地レポート16 (from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Daiki KANAO)

Since 11th October, I started the measurement at experimental houses in UTM. However, there were not enough sunny days for the data, it seemed difficult to complete all the cases we had planned before this internship. Therefore, I will stay here until the middle of November and try to conduct the cases as many as possible.
The result of the measurement shows the interesting effect of insulation. Especially internal insulation has the effect of reducing cooling load and energy consumption. I would like to share these results at the presentation.

現地レポート17 (from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Daiki KANAO)

It has been more than two months since I came to Malaysia, and Now only a few days left for the measurement, I need to prepare for cleaning up the houses. This time I need to bring all the equipment, consider how to pack all the things carefully. The measurement involves a lot of aspects, but I felt the most important thing is time management. I will keep this in mind and always try to make the most of every moment.

現地レポート18 (from Surabaya, Indonesia, Ayu Lana Nafisyah)

I met the Dean Dr. Mirni Lamid and 1st Vice Dean Dr. Endang Dewi Masithah to explain about the detail of my plan during internship. They welcomed the plan I explained. Regarding my plan to do sampling next week, they delegate 3 undergraduate students to help me in the field.
My first work on this internship was to assist Dr. Mirni and Dr. Endang to do some discussion with those 3 students related their own research.
Schedule for the 2nd week is final discussion and preparation before sampling. We will depart to sampling sites next Wednesday for about 1 week.
This picture shows our outdoor discussion.

現地レポート19 (from Surabaya, Indonesia, Ayu Lana Nafisyah)

Dear all, my research sampling was done at 3 different locations; Probolinggo, Situbondo, and Banyuwangi. I went there together with Airlangga University students. 
After did sampling in the field, we directly found the nearest place to stay and analyzed the samples. In Banyuwangi, before I went to the field, I visited Airlangga University Campus D which is located in Banyuwangi. I met some lecturer and have a short discussion about my target location, also I took a picture with the head of study program of Aquaculture.
Now I maintain samples that I got. Here I attach some pictures while I did sampling.

現地レポート20 (from Surabaya, Indonesia, Ayu Lana Nafisyah)

Now we are facing transition season from dry to wet season. Heavy rain, sometimes rain storm, and water flood is facing us now.
After my sampling, I have to maintain my samples and make sure they are in the well condition. But because the Faculty does not have an incubator for phytoplankton, I made an incubator by myself and maintain them. I also did sharing knowledge with students in Airlangga University about harmful microalgae. This is my last week here and I have to prepare for other sharing session. 

現地レポート21 (from Surabaya, Indonesia, Ayu Lana Nafisyah)

I gave other sharing sessions about phytoplankton research from preparation, sampling (in the Faculty fish pond), observation and evaluation. Also I gave a motivation session to the new undergraduate students for gain their eagerness to continue study abroad especially to Hiroshima University. Now I have to focus on my research samples that I already got from sampling sites in Indonesia.

Last but not least, thank you very much to all of the board members, staff and RA of Gecbo/iecbo program. Also all the participants of this program. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity joined this program. I have learned many things from this program, eventhough it needs extra effort. But I am happy being one of the participant.

現地レポート22 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

Good evening, this is 1st weekly report of my internship at Centre for Quantum Dynamics (CQD).

I arrived Brisbane last Sunday, and I am staying at "on campus accommodation" with 4 flat mates. My flat mates came from various country such as Iraq, Indonesia and Bangladesh. On Monday, I visited the university and did some paperwork for using  systems of university. I got my desk in a phD students' room(attached picture) and met 5 phD students. This is end of semester at Griffith University, and some of them are so busy because of their phD thesis. However I think I can make a some discussion with them during break time. Since my supervisor Professor Wiseman is really busy I met him on Wednesday. I am going to make a presentation in two weeks at group meeting of Wiseman's group in two weeks. I took a lecture of quantum mechanics on Thursday. The contents were fundamental theory of QM but it was interesting to learn them with different way. 
I am going to continue my research at CGD. I am also learning Michael Hall's work who is another professor of Wiseman's group. I think I can find some similarities between his work and mine, so I will have some discussion with him.

現地レポート23 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

Last week I was working mainly on three subjects as parts of my reseaech.
Firstly, As I mentioned in 1st weekly report, I am attending a class of Quantum Electrodynamics. Since this class is opening for phD students, it requires some advanced knowledge about this field, so I reviewed lecture note provided by Professor Wiseman by myself.  
Secondly, I studying about Michael's (one of the proffesor of our group) work. I talked with Michael on Friday and could have good discussion about connection of our works. Actually, this is end of semestor of Griffith University, so some phD students are busy with their thesis. However I can have some discussion with professor and postdoctoral researchers.
The another thing I did is strongly connected with second part of this report. I am going to make a presentation this week, so I prepared for it. From the discussion and conversation I could find some point in my work which may confuse others. It came from my preconception, so I re assembled my expranation carefully.

Apart from my work, I walked around the university last weekend. Nathan campuse of the university is located middle of a mountain, so students have to go down the mountain to get groceries. However, there are many unique plants in the moutain, so  I could enjoy short bush walk.
In my flat, there are 4 flat mates at the moment, coincidently all of as are working on science field, It is really interesitng to hear their experience, because we all have different background.

現地レポート24 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

Last week, I made a presentation about my research at a weekly meeting of our group. It seems other students and researchers are interested in my research. However, there are some points which confuse them, so I felt I need more discussion about my research. They also point out some problems that I did not realize, so I will talk about it this week.
At the weekly meeting of our group, we usually share papers which they read and be interested in, and make a presentation about the most popular one at following week.
For the voting and sharing, they use Facebook Group(attached picture). Through this process they can catch up latest researches and broaden their curiosity.
In the weekend I walked around Brisbane CBD and bush (attached picture) around the university. The city central is 50 mins away from university and unlike Gold Coast or Sydney, it is business city (attached picture). However, there is a museum of history, so I will be back there and learn Australian history.

現地レポート25 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

I will report about 4th week of my visiting. Last week, I attended honors seminars. The seminars are for honor students who submitted their honor's thesis this year.
There were 5 talks given by honor students of centre for quantum dynamics. I was interested in the research about "Ion trap". In this field, researchers are studying about phenomena of particles trapped in magnetic field (or mirror).
In evening of weekday, I went to a library of the university. The library open until 12am during the weekday. It is end of the semester in this university, so there were many students studying for exams.
 By the ways, I saw the sign of koala near university, so I hope I can find wild koala during my bush walk.

現地レポート26 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

As I explained in the pre-internship presentations, we use mathematics as a tool. However, there are something we cannot explain simply by mathematics even though the physics is quite simple. In last presentation that I did two weeks ago, this kind of thing made confusion, so I explained this point carefully. In addition, I explained our new idea which I am working on now.
Recently, I am considering how to explain some unique expression more easily for myself, I hope I can sophisticate this idea and explain at presentation after the internship.
Apart from research, I went to Gold Coast last Saturday. Since it is tourist city, there are a lot of tourists. However, most tourist spots are located at the suburbs so I recommend you to get international driver’s license if you go to Gold Coast as a tourist.
I have only 3 weeks for this internship. I hope I got outcome as much as I can get.

現地レポート27 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

Last week I started preparing a poster for conference(*APPC-AIP). Through this preparing I asked a lot to my co-worker in my lab. In this process I should eliminate some misleading explanation and make sure what is new, so I asked the lab members to check it.
On Friday, I visited Professor Pryde, and he took me to a lab tour. I could see some experimental systems. it was so interesting. He also explains about a fundamental system whose concept was based on Hofmann F. Holger's idea. Now, this system is using for practice of new students.
*Joint 13th Asia Pacific Physics Conference and 22nd Austrarian Institute of Physics Congress

現地レポート28 (from Brisbane, Australia, Keito HIBINO)

I am writing this report at Brisbane airport. Finally, I finished my work here. 
The last week of my internship, we had a conference, APPC-AIP. It was the quite big conference. I think more than 500 people attended the conference. 
I could see a lot of presentation including the one given by Professor Kajita.I also made a poster presentation, and I could catch some people and they showed their interests. I putted some result which I got during this visit. I think it was a nice opportunity to express the outcomes.

現地レポート29 (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lei CAO)

Good morning everyone! This is Rai writing the report in Cambodian Mekong University, Phnom Penh.
New semester has been started from November 1st.  Last week I attended a final presentation with all Japanese teachers and the graduates. What touched me the most is that every student is contributing themselves into the Japanese firm, regardless of the level of Japanese language. Last Tuesday, I assisted the Japanese teacher to conduct the orientation as an English translator and shared my Japanese learning experience with the new 1st grade students. 
I am enjoying the hot weather and looking for more Khmer traditional culture and food. The students here are very cute and I would like to make friends with them. 

現地レポート30 (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lei CAO)

Three weeks past fast and I have started to implement Japanese language class through all grades. Even it's hard for me to handle the whole situation as a green hand, I will try my best to fulfill the work. 
Most of the 4th grade students in CMU who are facing the employment issue have a high motivation to work in the Japanese business-related firms. So I talked about how to survive in a Japanese company at the class last week. I hope this class will be of great benefit to their career life. To be surprised, all students are very curious about my study-abroad life. In order to make my “customer” satisfied, I will share with them this week.
After work I visited the night market which is located in Phnom Penh city. 

現地レポート31 (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lei CAO)

The fifth week has started and I have adapted the role as a teacher by conducting Japanese language classes. My research is also being improved step by step.
At the 1st grade’s class, I taught about Japanese phonetic alphabet. Since most of the 1st grade students don't have the Japanese language study background, so they had hard time on following me. To warm the classroom atmosphere and add more classroom interactions, I conducted many interesting activities. On the other hand, to make the students memorize hiragana and katakana, I prepared the teaching material which was closely related to our daily life. 
(picture: The Water Festival)

現地レポート32 (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lei CAO)

Time goes fast and I have spent more than one month in Cambodia already. To be honest,I have been totally attracted with Cambodia,her history,her culture,and her people.
Last week I taught the 3rd and 4th grade students about how to write a CV in Japanese and some business-related Japanese which I hope would be helpful in their future life. Because there are many Japanese firms recruiting workers with attractive salary and position in Cambodia, so most of students have ambitions to work in the Japanese company. 
To join the Japanese language speech contest,all students are preparing the material which they will present next year. So the task for me is to check and revise what they have wrote.

By the way, what I really have learned from internship is not to gain more teaching experience and conduct my research, but what I have learned from my students. They taught me which part of that I should set focus on my future teaching career.

現地レポート33 (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lei CAO)

To be well prepared for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Last week I helped students to review and test them with the materials that might appear on the test. Also I was invited to be a proctor of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test last Sunday.
That was a valuable experience for me to evaluate and reflect what I have learned, since when I was an undergraduate student, I also have taken the JLPT several times.

現地レポート34 (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lei CAO)

Now is the dry season in Cambodia, but occasionally raining.
Finally I started the Chinese language class to satisfy the high response which was from teachers and students here and I have spent the whole weekend on the class preparation. On the other hand, there are many questions and problems occurring in the Japanese language class which I have to review and analyze how to achieve the curriculum effectiveness.
Christmas is coming! Have a nice day!

現地レポート35 (from Kathmandu, Nepal, Yuzaburo ERA)

Last Thursday, Dec. 15, I safety arrived at Kathmandu, capital of Nepal and found my luggage had not arrived yet. Fortunately, next day, the luggage was shipped to Kathmandu safely.
From Dec. 16, I started preparing for my survey at Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), the host institution. First of all I greeted Mr. Dhital, the executive director. Cooperating with AEPC staff, Mr. Ranjit and Mr. Dipack, I decided the survey area and made the material for survey.
On Dec. 21, I left Kathmandu for survey area with one Nepalese guy who is an enumerator for this survey. It took around 6.5 hours to get to the 1st village; 4 hours hard bus travel and 2.5 hours trekking.
Currently, we are at the 2nd village to conduct main survey to evaluate the people's social preference.

現地レポート36 (from Kathmandu, Nepal, Yuzaburo ERA)

I'm conducting a survey at rural area. At first, I visited one electrified village and one non-electrified village, and selected the funniest comedy video for main survey based on the answer of questionnaire for villagers.
The enumerator and I visited the 2nd electrified village for main survey using Dictator Game. We stayed with the village head for 8 nights and we completed conducting survey for all 63 households in this village.
Now, we are in a non-electrified village for next main survey. We are staying with the village head, and running a survey here.

現地レポート37 (from Kathmandu, Nepal, Yuzaburo ERA)

I finally finished all survey in rural area and came back to Kathmandu by passenger van for 3.5 hours.
The enumerator of this survey and me conducted survey at 68 households for these 6 days, from Jan. 1 to Jan. 6, by visiting each house. The villagers were really heartwarming and some of them served us tea or milk when we visited their houses. I felt their kindness, I couldn't speak their language though.
Then, came back to Kathmandu, I realized for the first time how much I owed electricity, hot water and so on which I used as natural things.


現地レポート38 (from Kathmandu, Nepal, Yuzaburo ERA)

I took presentation about result of survey at rural area Nepal at AEPC last Thursday. AEPC staffs and my academic advisor participated in this presentation and stated opinion to my presentation although they were very busy. Additionally, I accompanied my sensei to two earthquake-affected areas. We watched some types of reconstructed houses. Each house was built by different type reconstruction technique, earth-bags, easy-to-make brick, high-resistance brick and so on. I was really impressed by those who are working hard for people living there without expecting any return. They are from not only Nepal but also Australia and India.

現地レポート39 (from Tamale, Ghana, Mahama Tiah Abdul-Kabiru)

It is my 3rd completed week of internship with norsaac and everything is moving on well. 
I had the opportunity to learn about the different projects of the host institution. Project officers and managers made presentation of the various projects and progress in terms of the achievement of the project objectives. The executive director took the occasion to also introduce me to the staff. It was nice being introduced to the smiling faces of male and female staff of the organisation. They were enthusiastic young men and women. 
I also learnt about the values of the organisation and generally about values clarification. some of the values of norsaac include; Justice, gender sensitivity, commitment, etc.

現地レポート40 (from Tamale, Ghana, Mahama Tiah Abdul-Kabiru)

I am in my last week of internship and I am expected to return to Hiroshima university at the end of the week.
I went into the field and with the support of 5 other field assistant, I interviewed farmers on their livelihood activities.
The respondents were mainly household heads and farmers in the West Mamprusi district of the northern region. The respondents are in a rural community located to the north-most part of Tamale. It is about 1hr and 30 min drive away from Tamale where I am based.
As a result, a slept in district capital and commute daily for the data collection. It was interesting interviewing farmers but most challenging of the period of the internship.