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●Pick Up!!

◆Short Report from AY2018 of Interns (new!!)

◆Newsletter (English version, Issue 17) has been published.(March, 2018)

※Application for AY2019 has now closed. Thank you for your interest in G.ecbo program. The next application period will be in April, 2020.

(May 22, May 31) Post-internship presentation-2018 Winter Internship

[Venue] Large Conference Room, Graduate Shool for International Development and Cooperation(IDEC)
①[Date & Time] Wed., 12:50-14:20, May 22, 2019
②[Date & Time] Fri., 10:30-12:30, May 31, 2019


◆Call for G.ecbo/i-ECBO internship program 2019

[Application Due] April 23rd (Tuesday), 2019 at 12:00(Noon) 
[Target] All graduate students who are interested in overseas internship


◆Call for Follow-up Research Internship Participants for Doctoral Students

[Application Due] April 23rd (Tuesday), 2019 at 12:00(Noon) 
[Target] Several Doctoral Students

Fore more details...