Guide to Host Orgaizations

Message to Host Organizations

The Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) of Hiroshima University has a three-pillared approach, "International Environmental Cooperation", "International Educational Cooperation" and "International Peace Cooperation", to educational research intended to train human resources that are able to respond to the challenges faced by developing countries. In 2005 the i-ECBO (Explorers of International Cooperation Studies to Cross Borders) program has been established to reach this goal. Sandwiched between a preparatory period of training and a post-internship research period of six months each, this program sends the participating students to developing countries to carry out their internship in their academic major fields for a period of one to six months. In 2007 we have also set up the "Strategic Center for Global Internship" or the G.ecbo program that aims to expand the aforesaid activities to other graduate schools in Hiroshima University. 
Putting all functions together, such as liaison between the university and interns' host institutions and risk management system, the G.ecbo program endeavors to establish an effective and systematic graduate education framework. We also try to keep this education program sustainable by coordinating research assignments of the host institutions with the interns’ academic research themes. 
In this program, we plan to send more than 20 graduate students each year. Through this program, we hope to nurture graduate students to become future leaders in the international society. Thus, we wish your understanding of our program and would appreciate your active assistance as a host institution for our program interns.

Maharjan Keshav Lall 
Chairperson, G.ecbo Program Committee


Overseas and Domestic Internship

We are inviting host organizations/companies to become host institutions for our intern students.

  • Content
    Interns are to undertake assistant work or research with a certain responsibility at their internship sites. The content of the work and research theme will be decided by consulting the host organization/company.
  • Requirements for interns
    Field specialization and language skills as requested by the host organization/company.
  • Internship site
    Field office and project site of the host organization/company/institute related to international cooperation and development.
  • Period
    1 to 3 months
  • Expenses
    Hiroshima University or the intern students are, in principle, responsible for travel and accommodation expenses. However,financial support or arrangements for accommodation and local transportation etc from the host institution will be most welcome.

※ Domestic internship is currently not implemented.



Procedures of Sending and Accepting the Interns