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Global Explorers to Cross Borders (G.ecbo)
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Formation of a Strategic Center for Global Internship

The Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) in Hiroshima University started the i-ECBO Program upon the adoption of the 2005-2006 government-supported program on "Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools". The i-ECBO is a program in which doctoral or master's students are sent to developing countries for a period of 1 to 3 months to undertake overseas internship under a pre-planned theme. This program also includes preparatory training, internship-related lectures and seminars and post-research activities. 

The formation of a Strategic Center for Global internship or the G.ecbo is one of the support programs for improving graduate school education adopted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology . This program aims to expand the i-ECBO program and promote the learning and training of students outside the university through global internship. The G.ecbo Program consists of the following types of internships: 

(1) Overseas internship, in which students are sent to foreign country including developing countries; 

(2) Domestic internship, in which foreign students are sent to a Japanese company or organization; 

(3) Third country internship, in which students are sent to a foreign country to receive training based on Japan's experience and knowledge. 

The target participants of the program are not only students from IDEC but also students from other graduate schools in Hiroshima University. 

The Strategic Center for Global Internship (G.ecbo) is aimed to be established in three years from 2007. The program also promotes cooperation with other graduate schools to achieve the common objectives of the Graduate School Education of Hiroshima University as follows: 

1) To set an education goal in which many graduate schools share, establish an educational method and create a sustainable collective strategy; 

2) To establish a link between doctoral course education program and the knowledge and skills obtained from the experiences during the global internship in order to create new research theme; 

3) To establish a matching method between research themes created in the University and research theme needed in the company, institute or in other areas of internship. 

This program aims to promote the learning and training of students from all graduate schools in the university through global internship, to prepare them to become future leaders in the field of international cooperation. 

Maharjan Keshav Lall 
Chairperson, G.ecbo Program Committee 


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