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Global Explorers to Cross Borders (G.ecbo)

Practical Researchers Training Program

Formation of a Strategic Center for Global Internship

The Global Internship program (hereafter referred to as the G.ecbo Program) is an educational program based on undertaking internships around the world. Specifically, it involves graduate school students, who are enrolled in a master’s or doctoral course at Hiroshima University, being dispatched to developing countries and other overseas locations for one to three months to conduct internships based on training themes planned in advance.

In addition, as a practical educational program with unique lectures and exercises before and after the internship, the G.ecbo Program was established at Hiroshima University in 2010 after the experiences which were had through the Graduate School Education Initiative and the Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education.

Global internships, as the name implies, represents internships undertaken in all regions of the world, but also represents,

(1) Overseas internships, in which Japanese students and international students are sent to foreign countries, including developing countries;

(2) Domestic internships, in which foreign students are sent to a Japanese company or organization;
  ※Domestic internships were held until FY2010.It is currently not implemented.

(3) Third-partntry internships, in which trainees from developing countries gather in another third-party country to receive training based on Japan’s expey courience and knowledge;

Since 2010, the newly formed G.ecbo Program, in cooperation with the Graduate Program Council (currently the Educational Affairs Committee of the of the Headquarters for Education), has been providing a university-wide framework for graduate education with the following characteristics.

1) Establishment of learning and educational goals shared by multiple graduate schools, educational methods, and methods for continuous improvement;

2) Establishment of an organic cooperative method between doctoral education for creating new research themes and master's education for experiencing global internships;

3) Establishment of a method for matching the research themes created by the university with the training themes required by society;

The G.ecbo Program aims to, produce researchers who can adapt to new challenges and issues in diverse fields that are not bound by existing academic disciplines, train practitioners who will lead from the front lines of international cooperation and international assistance, and train international students and trainees from around the world to become highly skilled professionals.
Maharjan Keshav Lall
Chairperson, G.ecbo Program Committee



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