Information for students who enrolled in Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering April 2020

This website provides the necessary information for students who enrolled in Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering April 2020.


Regarding the classes of the 1st and 2nd term

You can find as follows the details of the classes of the 1st and 2nd term.

Please also keep yourself updated by regularly checking the latest information on this website and “My Momiji.”

→(Updated on April 23) The face-to-face class of the 1st term will be canceled. The 2nd term will be judged based on the situation at the end of May.

→(Updated on June 1) Regarding the 2020 Second Term, classes will be conducted online.

 Please check “HU’s Policy Regarding Class Implementation in the 2020 Second Term”.

1. Common Graduate Subjects

The starting date of the classes will be announced in “My Momiji.”

Regarding the guidance video and the materials, please refer to "Guidance Materials  Common Graduate Subjects".


2. Common Graduate School Subjects

Online classes will start on May 7 (Thu).

Please check the details on the implementation of each class in the syllabus.


3. Subjects Specialized for the Program

Programs in areas of Science (Mathematics/Physics/Earth and Planetary Systems Science/Basic Chemistry)

→Please check the website of Graduate School of Science/School of Science

→Please check the syllabus after April 15.


Programs in areas of Engineering and Information Science (Applied Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Transportation and Environmental Systems/Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering/Informatics and Data Science) 

→Online classes will start on May 7 (Thu) .

When you receive from the professor in charge a notification regarding issues such as confirmation of a viewing environment in the period from class registration to the starting date of the classes, please follow the instruction of the professor. 

Quantum Matter Program

→The professor in charge will notify all the students who have registered the class of “the starting date and the implementation method of the class” through “My Momiji.” Other announcements will be made through “My Momiji” or will be sent to your registered email address. 


Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program((Environmental and Natural Sciences))

→Certain subjects will start in online basis on April 15.

This schedule may be subject to change. Please regularly check the syllabus and Momiji.


Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program(Development Science Field)

→Please check the starting date and the implementation method of the classes in the syllabus.

Guidance Materials

Common Graduate Subjects

Please check the video and the materials.