[Q]How can I contact to professors?
[A] Before applying for enrollment, please decide your prospective supervisor in our graduate school.
Please refer to the following.
I recommend that you check whether there is a faculty member at this graduate school suitable for your study abroad objectives and research proposal.
Research fields of faculty can be researched here.
After you decide which to choose, please email us his/her name and your CV by attachment.
If you email them to us, we will forward your email to him/her.

[Q] Does Hiroshima University have any scholarship?
[A] There are many international students who apply for the scholarship for self-supported students but all of them cannot get their scholarship.
We strongly recommend you to prepare enough money to support yourself in Japan or to get the scholarship in your country beforehand.

[Q] How can I pay the application fee?
[A] For applications from outside Japan, there are 2 ways to pay the application fee as follows:
1) Credit Card (only in case of Online Application) You can use VISA, MasterCard, JCB and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
The name of the credit card account holder does not necessarily need to be identical to the name of the applicant.
2) Payment by your acquaintance in Japan If you don’t have your credit card and have any acquaintance in Japan, please ask your acquaintance to pay the application fee by bank transfer in Japan instead of you.
In this case, please let us know his/her name and address in advance.
After we receive his/her information, we will send him/her the payment slip.

[Q] What is Higashi Hiroshima City like? How do you like the climate?
[A] Please refer to the following website;
"About Higashi Hiroshima City"

[Q] Please tell us how to apply for student visa in Japan.
[A] We will inform the applicant of the necessary procedures if he/she is permitted to enroll.
Please refer to the following website;
"Application Procedure Flowchart"

[Q] Please tell us the information about HU dormitories and how to get from Hiroshima Airport to HU.
[A] HU provides all foreign students with information on apartments.
Please apply through the following website;
"Support for international students coming to Japan for the future"
We also offer the pick-up service from Hiroshima Airport to HU for a limited time.
Please apply through the following website;
"Pick-up Service"

[Q] I am a Muslim. Are Halal foodstuffs available? Is there any place of worship for Islam in HU?
[A] Some Halal menus are available at University Cafeteria. Halal foods are also available at some grocery stores near HU.
We are now preparing for the place for worship.

[Q] Is there any Japanese Language Program in HU? Is there any program for family members?
[A] HU offers Japanese Language classes for international students After taking the placement test, all international students can take the class according to their Japanese language proficiency level.
We also offer Japanese Language classes for family members.
Please refer to the following website;
"Learning Japanese"

[Q] Is there any clinic in HU when someone is not feeling well?
[A] We have Health Service Center in HU.
You can take a brief medical checkup there.
You can also get the information on clinics.
We have mental health and counseling division (Reservation required).
Please refer to the following website;
"Health Service Center" (Japanese website only)

[Q] Please give information on the course after graduation in Japan.
[A] Please refer to the following website;
"Course after graduation" (Japanese website only)