(Dec.18) 2018 G.ecbo Winter Internship-The 2nd Pre-internship presentation

G.ecbo interns will conduct the 2nd pre-internship presentation training as follows.
Everyone is welcome to join. No prior notice required.

【Date & Time】
13:20~, December 18(Tue), 2018 @ IDEC Large Conference Room

[Presenters (Host Institutions)]
1. Uswatun Hasanah(State University of Makassar/ Indonesia)
2. Kengo Matsuyama(Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University/Australia)
3. Maharjan Shree Kumar (Natural History Museum, Tribhavan University/Nepal)
4. Mungunzul Badamvaanchig (FORWARD Nepal/Nepal)
5. Sun Yu (Mekong University/Cambodia)

【Contents】Place of internship (host institution), Purpose of internship, Internship plan 
-Describe your host institution (thrust/ mission of the institution)
-Purpose of internship (what do you plan to do during your internship? How is your internship related to your current research?)
-Make a draft schedule of your internship (period and draft plan)