Basic Philosophy

  The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to create and propose new values and knowledge that can be used as the guideline for the society of the future. This concerns the realization of sustainable development and peace for human beings and societies - that is to say, by way of example, the policy that indicates what we should do with scientific technology rather than what we can do with it.

 In addition, education must fulfill a significant role in achieving the goal of "realizing a free and peaceful international society that fosters diversity" which is represented in "SPLENDOR PLAN 2017," the new long-term vision for Hiroshima University. Hiroshima University has produced a lot of specialists and practitioners, not only in the fields of school education but also in home and social education in areas ranging from preschool education to higher education. Even moving beyond contributions in Japan, Hiroshima University has widely contributed to the development of human resources in areas of education development and education in numerous Asian and African countries.

 With this background and an overarching commitment to the value of world peace, this graduate school also aims to be engaged in education in the levels from primary to higher education as the basis for sustainability in Japan and abroad. This graduate school has two missions: scientific exploration in various fields that contributes to human beings and societies and the construction of a sustainable and peaceful world through education. This graduate school also aims to develop human resources who possess a profound understanding of human beings and societies, a strong interest in fields outside of their specialties and are capable of cooperating with specialists of other fields, including the natural sciences, to create a human society for the future.