Goals and Objectives

   Main academic fields
 The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences provides education and conducts research for the fields of "linguistics," "literature," "philosophy," "psychology," "education," "social science," "history," "cultural anthropology," "area study," "law," "political science," "economics," "business administration," and "subject pedagogy" and the cross-disciplinary and combined areas of those academic fields.

 Human resources to be developed
 To achieve two missions of this graduate school, i.e. the science exploration in various fields that contributes to human beings and societies and the construction of a sustainable and peaceful world through education. And this graduate school aims to develop human resources who have profound intelligence regarding human beings and societies and a strong interest for fields outside of their specialties and are capable of cooperating with specialists of other fields, including natural science and life science, to create the human society of the future.

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Division of Educational Sciences

Division of Development Program for Teacher and School Leaders

Division of Law School