Management Sciences Program

 The first two years of the five-year doctoral program (equivalent to a master's program), this Program conducts education and research regarding various problems related to management in an organization, regardless whether the organization is for profit or not, by uniting theory and practice. This Program develops academics who (i) have an independent spirit or entrepreneurship in the background of the local economic society and culture, (ii) have professional knowledge and skills for management of various organizations, (iii) have negotiation skills required in the information-oriented and globalized world, or (iv) have Japanese-type skills for management to actively work in a Japanese company in Asia. In addition to that, this Program provides academic education for managerial jobs for Asia to develop academics who can exercise knowledge and ability related to Japanese-style management as a managerial executive in Japanese company in Asian area such as China, South East Asia, and India. This program also develops researchers who can be engaged in integration of theory and practice in this academic area.

 The following three years of the doctoral program, students are engaged in theoretical or practical research on themes regarding advanced elements in their field of concern and the collection and analysis of data and advanced research by themselves to develop capabilities for identifying and solving problems and cultivate the ability of issue analysis and policy proposal required for solving theoretical or practical problems.