Law and Politics Program

 The first two years of the five-year doctoral program (equivalent to a master's program), this Program conducts education and research that comprehends the jurisprudence, political science, international relation studies, and sociology and regarding (i) "new public management" that comprehends not only the national government and municipalities but also civic activities in such as a NPO and private corporations; (ii) "corporate governance and compliance management" that is necessary for transition from the system based on prior coordination by an administrative body to that based on ex post relief by a judicial organization; (iii) "global communality" in the era where persons, goods, and information are easily transferred beyond borders; and (iv) "medical social science" that examines complicated medical issues in the present day from the social scientific point of view.

 The following three years of the doctoral program, this program educates students to further develop advanced knowledge and viewpoints related to their field of concern while also examining research results in the other fields of social sciences to obtain the ability for practically solving problems.

 For cooperation with the other Program, students of the Law and Politics Program are allowed to develop basic abilities regarding research based on the actual circumstances of dispute resolution by taking subjects such as "Concentrated Exercise (Public Act Theory Research)," "Concentrated Exercise (Civil Law Theory Research)," and "Concentrated Exercise (Criminal Law Theory Research)" provided in the Program in Law School in the same graduate school.

 Students of the Program in Law School can develop the ability for academic thinking by taking subjects of the Law and Politics Program such as the "Special Research."

 In addition to that, students of the Program in Law School are allowed to advance to the following three years of the doctoral course of the Law and Politics Program to become a researcher. With the system described above, the Law and Politics Program can also develop a researcher who has practical thinking skills to provide promising academics.

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