Program for Law Practice Professionals

 The Law School provides the "Program for Law Practice Professionals" as an Professional Degree Program to develop high level professionals who take a leading role in legal circles.

 This division develops lawyers with legal professionalism who can appropriately and flexibly apply their sophisticated legal expertise according to the circumstance, and are conscious of their vocational responsibility as a high level professional in each conflict solving activity, and are able to try to improve their own knowledge independently and continuously study hard while reflecting their own daily practices. This division requires students to reflect and enhance their study in the education process composed by combining lecture classes for the study and application of legal knowledge and exercise classes for bidirectional/multi-directional outputting that requires profound understanding of such knowledge to implant professionalism. This division also aims to make students aware of the importance of correctly applying their studies when exercising their legal expertise in the application of problem solving.

 The law school system also aims to allow various persons to enter to provide non-standardized legal professionals. Particularly the contemporary society requires legal professionals who can imagine new rules and appropriately solve a conflict in interest because, in contemporary society, it is expected that a lot of affairs occur in succession that are beyond the remit of current and existing rules.

 To address such a circumstance, this division educates students to acquire scholarship that will be useful for legal professionals in the future in addition to jurisprudence and continue to study the specialized area after graduating from the undergraduate school as their lifework to improve the quality of their learning regarding laws. Also this division provides subjects for broad understanding of research areas related to humanity and social science (common subjects of the graduate schools and common subjects for the Graduate School) and those for establishing a theory based on their own academic inquiries to advance research (Concentrated Exercise (Public Act Theory Research)," "Concentrated Exercise (Civil Law Theory Research)," and "Concentrated Exercise (Criminal Law Theory Research)" in the basic law subject group) to allow students to judge a value based on both the legal and the other points of view to pioneer a different specialized area as a legal professional or establish new rules to contribute to society on their own.

 To accomplish the role as an organization for education for students who do not have experience in learning jurisprudence in Chugoku and Shikoku Districts, the Program for Law Practice Professionals organizes the curriculum so that such students will become capable of passing the first National Bar Examination after graduating from the three year program. This curriculum is conducted using educational contents and methods that make students analytically consider the legal logic for case solving from multi-faceted and multi-layered points of view based on such methods as philosophical thinking, scientific analysis, view of social life, and historical point of view as well as the value judgment from the legal point of view, rather than force them only to acquire legal knowledge. 

 Development of the ability for analytical thinking from multi-faceted and multi-layered points of view can be achieved by cooperating with other programs within the Graduate School to provide opportunities for studying the foundational courses within other disciplines and conducting education for using the study result in the process for solving a legal dispute. Academic fusion with other divisions accelerates achievement of the aim for improvement of education results in the Graduate School as a professional graduate school and for establishment of an organization for education for students who do not have experience in learning jurisprudence in Chugoku and Shikoku Districts.

 In addition to that, for the subjects "Special Research" provided in the Law and Politics Program, "Concentrated Exercise (Public Act Theory Research)," "Concentrated Exercise (Civil Law Theory Research)," and "Concentrated Exercise (Criminal Law Theory Research)" provided in the Program for Law Practice Professionals, to enhance the education for legal professionals, the Program allows students of both degree programs to take part in the subject sharing system to take advantage of multiple the points of view for research activities in which the theory and the practice are integrated. Diversity of the class subjects is achieved by some measures such as faculty exchange and mutual provision of class subjects using ICT. By providing two degree programs in which students are educated to be a researcher or a legal professional in the same graduate school, it becomes possible to indicate the policy for learning clearly while providing appropriate guidance according to the interest of each student.