Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

 The Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences aims to develop academics who have profound intelligence regarding human beings and society and a strong interest in fields other than their specialties and who are capable of cooperating with specialists of other fields to review the existing value in society and create new value. To achieve this aim, this division provides the "Humanities Program" for developing specialties related to human beings and cultures which are products of mental activities of them; the "Psychology Program" for developing specialties related to human behavior under various circumstances; the "Law and Politics Program," "Economics Program," and "Management Sciences Program" for developing specialties related to systematic and economic activities required for establishing sustainable society. These specialized field diploma programs develop not only specialties in each field but also interests in other fields. In addition to that, the division provides the "International Peace and Co-existence Program," "International Economic Development Program," and "Integrated Arts and Human Sciences Program" as fusion area diploma programs that take an approach which is not limited within a specific academic field by setting the research theme without limiting it within the range of a particular field.