Psychology Program

 In the modern society, various mental problems have arisen related to the development and education of children, stress and interpersonal relationships in a school and an organization, and relation within families.

 The first two years of the five-year doctoral program (equivalent to a master's program) develops academics who are capable of scientifically analyzing human behaviors and their psychological processes to solve problems related to them and contribute toward the sustainable development of society from various points of view based on empirical studies and practical activities.

 The following two courses are provided for the first two years of the five-year doctoral program (equivalent to a master's program):


< The Advanced Psychology Research Course > 

 This course develops researchers who are capable of being engaged in the analysis of human behaviors and their psychological processes to promote advanced research regarding various mental problems at home and abroad with a scientific approach from various points of view in each field of psychology such as cognitive and physiological psychology, social psychology, educational and learning psychology, developmental and infant psychology, and clinical psychology. Researchers in psychological fields are required for the training of professionals, such as the certified public psychologist and the certified clinical psychologist for whom psychological knowledge and skills are required. In addition to that, companies also require general psychological knowledge, psychological expertise related to information processing system in human beings, know-how for design and execution of tests, and methods of experiment and investigation used in psychological fields to quantify subjectivities of human beings. The researchers developed in this course will meet the needs mentioned above.

 <The  Clinical Psychology Practice & Research Course > 

 As a curriculum that awards qualification for the examination for the certified public psychologist and the certified clinical psychologist, students in this course are required to take the subject "Clinical Psychology Special Lecture I" in which they learn various research findings in the field of clinical psychology to develop the basic research skills in that field. Furthermore, in addition students take another required subject "Clinical Psychology Special Lecture II", in which students learn more practical findings, various field-specific specialized subjects related to clinical psychology are provided to allow students to obtain profound and sophisticated expertise and skills related to the psychological clinic in the areas of health care and welfare. 

  Besides that, to develop practical skills required for the psychological clinic, exercise subjects are systematically arranged to cover the fields (3 or more fields among health care, welfare, education, judiciary and police, and industrial labor) and to meet the criterion on the practice hours (450 hours or more) for the certification of the certified public psychologist and the certified clinical psychologist.

  The following three years of the doctoral program aims to further improve the research ability on the basis of the ability and practical clinical skills based on various points of view developed in Advanced Psychology Research Course and the Clinical Psychology Practice & Research Course in the first two years of the five-year to allow students to be a researcher, college faculty, and high-level professional who can promote advanced research in each area of psychology.

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