Educational Design for Teacher Educators Program

 The specialized subjects for the first two years of the five-year doctoral program (equivalent to a master's program) develop teacher educators as an innovator who supports the reform of the education system. This Program provides specialized subjects regarding the development of knowledge and ability for designing an inclusive and cooperative leaning space, an innovative education course, education material, and theory and a method for the instruction and evaluation for the next generation.

 In the Educational Design for Teacher Educators Program, students define the key fields that they will specialize in during their study toward teacher education as the "core" course and then set the extended field that composes an integral part of the educational design for teacher educator as the "branch." The area served as the pillar of education and research is defined by appropriately combining those fields ("extended fields (<- key field)"). The key fields consist of "leaning development, curriculum development, special support education, natural system education, mathematics education, technology & information education, social studies education, Japanese language & culture education, English language education, health & sports sciences education, human life sciences education, music culture education, and art education." The extended fields consist of "leaning space design, curriculum design, learning material design, and education support professional design." These fields include, for example, "leaning space design (technology and information education)" and "leaning space design (health and sports sciences education)"; "curriculum design (curriculum development)" and "curriculum design (special support education)"; "education material design (Japanese language and culture education)" and "education material design (human life sciences education)"; and "education support professional design (leaning development)" and "education support professional design (social studies education)."

 As for the specialized subjects for the following three years of the doctoral program, they focus on the education, research, and social contribution activities conducted by teacher educators as a function of the professional (mentor / coach) who trains teachers that make the education system functional on a practical basis, the subject "Special Research" is provided as a required subject. This subject develops capabilities and abilities for designing the educational course and methods for innovation and pioneering teacher training for the next generation and those for instructing teachers in the field to design the professional skills in areas of focus such as the teacher training program in a university, training session in a public school or attached school, teaching study in a classroom, and training program in an education center.