Educational Studies Program

 This Program conducts basic and principle research on such topics as various as purposes, contents, methodology, organization, and system of education and applied research for solving various problems in the contemporary education system from points of view related to philosophy, history, sociology, international comparison, educational methodology, life-long leaning, system, administration, and management. Conduct research, in order to solve various problems in education that have become complicated and severe, this Program develops academics who are capable of analyzing and exploring mechanisms of education that involve various fields of society to allow people to "live the life," have the research ability required for presenting new findings both at home and abroad and the education ability required for university education, and can be engaged in development of such capabilities.

 The first two years of the five-year doctoral program (equivalent to a master's program), this Program develops sophisticated intelligence and general judgement ability related to education through specialized subjects and basic and applied research activities.

 The following three years of the doctoral program, this Program develops sophisticated research ability based on integrated academic knowledge regarding education, educational ability required for being engaged in university education, and ability for promoting development of such capabilities while further advancing the research activities.

 This Program provides two study courses:      

< The Educational Studies Course >

 This course develops human resources who have sophisticated intelligence and general judging ability regarding education. Specifically to say, it aims to develop experts in education fields who work for a public organization or private company at home or abroad and persons who can practically and internationally contribute for educational activities in a higher education organization such as a university and its operation.

< The Higher Education Studies Course >

 This course conducts basic and applied research regarding university and higher education to provide superior researchers and academics who can become effective university staff through discussion among persons with multiple points of view and experiences in the same space. This will cause the development of not only higher education researchers capable of contributing to the enhancement and sophistication of university and higher education at home and abroad but also university faculty.