Researcher Support

Support for the Development of the HGRs' Competencies

Various kinds of support will be provided to improve the abilities of the HGRs, depending on their individual expertise and needs, such as: collaboration with domestic and overseas researchers, management of research teams, research guidance and mentoring, acquisition of external funds, submission of papers to top journals, etc. The Program will also support the development of their vision and medium- to long-term career development from a global perspective.

Support from the HIRAKU-Global Office

University Research Administrators (URA) will support the HGRs' external funding acquisition and joint research promotion, etc., while the HIRAKU-Global Office will provide overseas dispatch matching and support to enhance their international visibility.

Active Promoting of the HGRs’ Research on a Global Scale

By covering the costs associated with and utilizing internationally recognized news-release distribution platforms such as EurekAlert!, the Program aims to provide the support and opportunity for the HGRs to advance themselves and promote their research on a global scale.

Exclusive Benefits and Perks for HGRs

The Program will strive to establish and provide the HGRs various extra benefits and perks, for example, the exclusive use of specialized research equipment such as those offered by Ehime University's Advanced Research Support Center (ADRES) (supplied website link is only available in Japanese), reduced usage fees on the use of certain equipment, amongst others.