Voices from Alumni vol.2

To My Second Hometown, Hiroshima

Voice of Siau Jia Jia, Georgia
[Posted in May of 2016]

Dear All,

I am pleased to have given the opportunity to write an article about myself after graduated from Hiroshima University two and a half years ago. After completion of study, I returned to Malaysia and began to work for a government-linked company, industrial real estate agency. It is completely a new adventure for me as I had to adjust my life and made myself familiar with the industry.

My current project is to manage one of our asset in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We are developing a 370 acres of land for industrial purpose. The project has been receiving a good response from Japanese companies at various industries. Due to my experience in Japan and also my knowledge in invest in Malaysia, I facilitate to match Japanese investors’ requirement with our current investment policy.

Besides, I have been enjoying to assist Hiroshima University to promote study in Japan in a yearly Education Fair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is my pleasure to be there and shared my experience in university to potential students. I am happy to see how ambitious of these teenagers and their expectancy to study overseas. Once, I was one of them. I remember I told myself to look forward to bright future with confidence.

I am thankful for the ease and helpfulness of people during my stay in Japan. As a foreigner I was a little worry about adapting my life in Japan. But with my adventure attitude I decided to learn Japanese language so that I could communicate with the local and make more interesting memory in Hiroshima. Back to Malaysia, I would like to assist Japanese and make them feel warm in Malaysia, and it is likewise how I received Japanese hospitality.

My experience in Japan is always more than just completing a degree program. Getting to know people and participating in various student exchanged programs have made me a cultural rich person. I appreciated the hospitality from my host families and Saijo town. I am also grateful to my professors and very thankful to my friends from Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and more. Even though, we are separated by borders, I promised myself that I would visit them.

Thank you everyone to make my life in Japan so unforgettable!

Looking forward for a gathering in Japan soon.





 A trip to Pont du Gard, South France in 2015

A visit to Bangkok to visit a close friend, who graduated from HU too, 2015

A visit to Jakarta to visit our friends from HU in 2014


Former Hiroshima University Affiliation: Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC)
Present Affiliation: Industrial real estate agency
Position: Asset & Development Management