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Hiroshima University International Admissions Office (HU-IAO)

What is HU-IAO?

Hiroshima University International Admissions Office, HU-IAO is the office for applicants who graduated from universities outside of Japan and wish to enroll as graduate students through the Special Selection for International Students, or as research students (non-degree).
HU-IAO assists applicants in initiating contact with the prospective supervisor.

What is HU-IAAS?

Hiroshima University International Admissions Assistant System, HU-IAAS is the application system of HU-IAO. Register your application information in this system and contact the prospective supervisor.
Click here to apply for registration.

Email Template (for Faculty)

Thank you for contacting me. Although you have contacted directly, Hiroshima University is using an online system to initiate contact with the prospective supervisor for those who graduated from universities outside of Japan and wish to enroll in April 2023 or later.
Applicants should access the International Admissions Assistant System (IAAS), at the following URL and register the necessary information from the "For Applicants" button.
For inquiries about the system, please email the International Admissions Office, IAO at
Please note that IAAS may not be used in some programs. In such cases, we will inform you about another procedure.
Thank you.

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