Education for Short-term Exchange Students

HUSA (Hiroshima University Study Abroad Program)

Morito Institute of Global Higher Education conducts the Hiroshima University Study Abroad (HUSA) Program to promote international education exchanges. This program contributes to the internationalization of education at Hiroshima University.

・Education for Incoming International Students

Approximately 50 international students are accepted to Hiroshima University every year through the HUSA program. Education provided to HUSA students includes courses in Japanese language and culture offered by Morito Institute of Global Higher Education as well as specialized subject courses offered in English or Japanese by various schools/graduate schools. The Japanese language courses offered are divided into five levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced Japanese. The “Globalization Support Internship” course aims to train students to be leaders, ones that will endeavor to connect Japan and the world by engaging the multi-national HUSA students in projects based in and around local society. In the “Glocal Leadership Project”, HUSA students work in groups to contact the local communities such as schools and other organizations in order to actualize their self-designed projects promoting cross-cultural understanding.

・Education for Outgoing International Students

Promoting a global perspective is one of the pillars of Hiroshima University's International Strategy. Hiroshima University dispatches 50 to 60 students each year as overseas exchange students in order to contribute to this effort. Also, in cooperation with the INU (International Network of Universities) consortium, Hiroshima University is working to raise the quality of pre-departure training and instruction for Japanese students by offering, for example, long-distance online courses through Web Course Tools (WebCT). These are offered in English as part of Hiroshima University’s liberal arts education program.

・Credit transfer system acceptable worldwide

In order to enhance the credit transfer system, which is an essential component of studying abroad, Hiroshima University actively promotes the use of UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) Credit Transfer Scheme (also known as UCTS) in student exchanges.

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