Japanese Language Education for International Students

Japanese Language/Japanese Affairs (Japanese language units)

Timetable and Syllabus: Higashi-Hiroshima Campus / Kasumi Campus and Higashi-Senda Campus

We are running Standard academic units in Japanese for the international students belonging to the regular departments of Hiroshima University. The taking of these units is allowed to all international students (including visiting researchers) for their support.

Special Auditing Student (HUSA Program , Others) Japanese Classes

Timetable and Syllabus

This course is aimed at students of the Special auditing student.

3+1 Program Japanese Classes

Timetable and Syllabus

This course is aimed at students of the "Morito Institute of Global Higher Education 3 +1 Program".

Japanese Language and Culture Studies Program

Timetable and Syllabus (Japanese page)

One-year program aimed at students of undergraduate level specializing in Japanese language and culture studies who have been recommended by and rigorously selected as government-funded international students by the embassies in their various countries or by Hiroshima University. The number of students is 20.

Japanese language preparatory education (Japanese training course)

This course is mainly aimed at embassy recommended and government funded international students (including those who are scheduled to be taken in as teacher training students) who will progress to the Hiroshima University graduate school and commences intensive Japanese language education in order to develop the Japanese abilities needed in life and research at post graduate level. The period of commencement is two terms, April to September and October to March with each term being 18 weeks (540 hours) and the number of students on the course each term being 30.

Special additional Japanese language classes and the additional short-term intensive Japanese learning course

We provide special additional Japanese language classes outside of regular classes in term time and even in periods of extended holiday in order to answer the desires of those students who wish to learn Japanese.