Department of Psychiatry

Introduction of department

Mental illness has increased to reflect the stress society. The Department of psychiatry has established a specialized outpatient clinic such as for depression, child and adolescent mental disorder, and sleep disorder, and examines anxiety disorder, psychosomatic disorder, eating disorder, dementia, and all matters of mental problems. Mental problems can occur to everyone. Our department will select and propose the appropriate treatment to match the condition of patients.

Research content

Strategic Research Program for Brain Sciences (SRPBS: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology)
We measure clinical symptoms, treatment response, brain image analysis, and blood biomarkers and elucidate the neural circuitry and molecular pathogenesis of depression.

Treatment achievements

  • Outpatient clinic:90 patients / day, Inpatient ward:220 patients / year.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy:10 patients / year.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (Depression, Panic disorder, Pain disorder) :50 patients / year.
  • Overnight polysomnography・Multiple Sleep Latency Test:60 patients / year.