Research Students (Engineering Programs & Informatics and Data Science Program)

Application for Enrollment as Research Students

Students wishing to study a specific research subject under the supervision of an assigned supervisor, may be admitted as research students ("kenkyuusei") for 6 months or 1 year. Research students are not entitled to degrees upon completion of his/her research work. Most applicants for admission to a graduate school gain admission to the University as a research student first.

1.Admission Requirements
Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications:
【Admission to Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering】
① Completion of 16 years of formal school education outside Japan.
② Recognition by Hiroshima University as having the equivalent qualifications as a research student.

2.Approval from the Supervisor
Those wishing to study as a research student are required to obtain an approval from the supervisor in advance.
Research fields of each supervisor can be researched in the "Research / Staffs" on the website.

3.Language Requirements
Applicants must obtain TOEIC score of 420 or above, TOEFL PBT score of 443 or above, TOEFL iBT score of 43 or above, or JLPT N2 level or above and have face-to-face interview by the supervisor to certify his/her communication ability. In case applicants living outside Japan have no opportunity to have  face-to-face interview, the assigned supervisors should confirm their communication level by other appropriate methods.
※Those who wish to enroll in the master’s program of the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology are recommended to check the application guidelines for the graduate school entrance examination to be applied and prepare an English score certificate in advance. (The above score may differ from the score required for the graduate school entrance examination, so please be sure to check the application guideline.)

4.Enrollment Period and Research Period
Enrollment date:April 1 or October 1
Research period:6 months or 1 year
Research students may apply for a renewal of this period if necessary for the purpose of their studies.
The total period as a research student is limited to 2 years.

5.Period of Acceptance of Application
 Applicants living outside Japan
(April Enrollment)Must arrive no later than the end of November of the previous year
(October Enrollment)Must arrive no later than the end of May

Applicants living in Japan
(April Enrollment)Must arrive no later than the end of February
(October Enrollment)Must arrive no later than the end of August

※If the end of the month falls on Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, the submission deadline will be the prior business day.

※No application documents arriving after the application period will be accepted.

 6.Required Documents for Application and Application Fee
① Application for Enrollment as a Research Student (prescribed forms)
② Personal History for Enrollment as a Research Student(Prescribed forms)Attached a photo with 4cm Long × 3cm Wide is required) 
③ Original copy of Graduation certificate (Diploma) or original certificate of Expected graduation issued by the university attended (School seal is required).
④ Original copy of Academic transcript issued by the university attended (School seal is required).
⑤ Recommendation Letter issued by the Dean of the faculty or your supervisor at the university attended (School seal, title and signature of recommender are required).
⑥ Copy of Passport(the photo page)or Official document that certifies your nationality(This applied only to applicants currently living outside Japan).Those who living in Japan should submit after enrollment.
⑦ Copy of Certificate of English or Japanese communication ability (Refer to the above "3. Language Requirements").
⑧ 1 photo for student ID card (Submit a digital image JPEG, more than width × height -228×300 pixel)
⑨ Application Fee:9,800 yen
⑩ Copy of residence card (This applied only to applicants currently living in Japan.
    Those who living outside Japan should submit after coming to Japan).
※Documents written in a language other than Japanese or English must be accompanied by a Japanese traslation.
   The name, status, and contact address of the translator should be specified in the translation.

※Graduates of Chinese Universities
Those who have graduated or expect to graduate from a university in China (not including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) must also submit the following documents;
1.教育部学历证书电子注册备案表 or Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate
2.The copy of 毕业证书 and 学位证书 at the university attended(School seal is required.)
Expected Graduates:
1.教育部学籍在线验证报告 or Online Verification Report of Student Record

The above no.1 documents are obtainable from the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center's verification system. Each document issuance costs 2 yuan, which must be borne by the applicant. Make sure that the online verification remains valid at least for the next 15 days at the time of submission of the application.
※Certificates must be originals or certified copies. School seal is also required. Uncertified copies will not be accepted.

Procedure of Online Application
Please finish the online application and pay the application fee by credit card or at a convenience store.

 7.Admission of Enrollment
Successful applicants will be notified of entrance procedures separately. The admission fee must be paid within the payment period and the entrance procedures should be completed. After the above procedures are completed, a "Notice of Research Permission" will be sent out.
The applicants living outside Japan will be notified of sending a "Notice of Acceptance" and the support system which helps to obtain student visa for entry to Japan.
Applicants should follow the instructions.

8.Admission Fees and Research Fees
Admission fee:84,600 yen
Research fee:29,700 yen (Annual fee:356,400 yen)
The 6 months research fees (178,200 yen) must be paid per semester within the payment period.
*The above figures are valid as of October 2021. Should the amount be revised at the time of or after enrollment, students will be required to pay the revised fee.
*For more information about the expenses living at Hiroshima University, please refer to the following website;

① The examination fee, admission and tuition fees, once paid, will not be returned.
② The Graduate School will cancel successful examination results of applicants or admission of students in whose application documents falsification or misrepresentation is found after the examinations or admission.
③ The Graduate School will cancel admission of students who apply as students expecting to graduate (or complete the required course) and fail to graduate (or complete the course) by the day of admission.
④ Please contact Student Support Office as soon as possible if for some reason or other you cancel your application after it has been submitted.
⑤ If additional research is necessary after the period of enrollment, research students should apply for a renewal 30 days before finishing the research.
⑥ No document submitted in support of an application will be returned.

Support Office of the field of Engineering (International Affairs Section), Hiroshima University
1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 739-8527, Japan
Please change "at" into the appropriate mark.