Architecture Program

Building Materials and Components

Wooden material, Wooden rigid frame structure,Timber construction, Large-scale wooden construction,Connector, Residual seismic performance,Long term performance

    Laboratory HP

Building Structures

Steel structures, Seismic design,Vibration control system,Beam-to-column connections and column-bases, Seismic retrofit

    Laboratory HP

Disaster Prevention Engineering

Earthquake resistant,vibration controlled and isolated buildings,Seismic response, Risk analyses,Earthquake ground motion evaluation,Spatial data analysis

    Laboratory HP

Earthquake & Structural Engineering

Reinforced concrete members, Seismic design,Seismic retrofit and repairing, Damage estimation,Non-destructive diagnosis


Urban and Architectural Planning

Urban environment, GIS,Social welfare facilities,Region-based housing supply system,Building production processes

    Laboratory HP

Architectural History and Design Theory

Peace architecture and urban design,Landscape design, Modern architecture,Modern urbanism, Conservation of towns

    Laboratory HP

Architectural Environment

Human behavior, Environmental psychology, Regional landscape,Energy conservation, Renewable energy

    Laboratory HP

Architectural Project

Environmentally conscious architecture,BIM, CFD analysis, Temporary shelters,Domestic solid wood

    Laboratory HP


The following faculty members are in charge of multiple programs including this program.