Quantum Matter Program

Electron Theory of Solids

Superconductivity, magnetism, strongly correlated electron systems, theoretical solid state physics, quantum statistical
mechanics, phase transition

Computational Physics

Quantum many-body systems,Topological phenomena, First-principles calculation theory,Superconductors, Quantum Fluid

Strongly Correlated Electron Physics

Magnetism, quantum effects, phase transitions,multipole moments, chiral magnetism,X-ray and neutron beams

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Synthesis of novel quantum matter,Strongly correlated electron systems,Magnetic frustration,Multipole order,Low-temperature
and high-pressure measurements

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Low Temperature Physics

High-temperature and topological superconductivity,Graphene,Ultrasonic measurements,Charge Density Wave

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High Energy Physics

Particle Physics, Quantum Physics,Quantum Optics, Lasers

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Beam Physics

Particle accelerator, Non-neutral plasma,Ion trap, Nonlinear dynamical system,Laser cooling

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Accelerator Physics

Advanced accelerator design, Advanced electron and positron generation, beam optics, ILC International Linear Collider,
Super-KEKB factory

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Mesoscopic Physics Theory

Quantum transport phenomena,Topological Materials,Graphene,Plasmonics

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Semiconductor Quantum Optics

Terahertz wave, Quantum optics,Quantum information, Plasmonics,Metamaterial,Crystal growth,Optical properties

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Material Science Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, Surface science,self-assembly,molecular devices,nano-materials

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Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development

Energy conversion, Energy storage,Material conversion, Hydrogen, Ammonia

Semiconductor Electronics

Semiconductor process & device,Flexible electronics,Crystalline growth,Atmospheric pressure plasma

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Electronic Device Engineering

Integrated circuits,Microwave engineering,High-frequency measurement,Device modeling,Device physics

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Frontier Integrated Systems

Integrated circuit, terahertz,wireless communication, CMOS

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Nanointegration Research Division

Intelligent Integrated Circuits Engineering

Wireless communication network, Internet of things, 6G & beyond 5G, Integrated circuits, Artificial intelligence, Real-time image processing,Medical applications

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Biomagnetics, Moses effect, Magnetic orientation, Fish chromatophore, Audio photonics

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HiSIM Research Center

semiconductor devices, compact models,parameter extraction, circuit simulation,Verilog-A language


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The following faculty members are in charge of multiple programs including this program.