Affiliated Institutions

Center for Advanced Nursing Practice and Research

(Director) Prof. Hiromi Kawasaki

This center is aimed to train nurses with advanced skills and knowledge capable of providing highl-quality health care to local communities while enhancing nursing services.

The original website is here. (Japanese pege)

Center for Advanced Practice and Research of Rehabilitation

(Director) Prof. Hikari Kirimoto

This center is aimed:

  • To nurture rehabilitation professionals with advanced skills and knowledge capable of providing high-quality health care to local communities while enhancing rehabilitation services.
  • To exercise research projects for cutting edge rehabilitation practice.

The original website is here. (Japanese page)

RI (Radio Isotope) Research Institution

(Director) Prof. Takemasa Sakaguchi

On the basis of “Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development”, Hiroshima University, this facility was founded to conduct RI research development. Also, as RI handling is closely connected with the law, it is aimed to promote RI research activities in harmony with environment while following related rules such as Radiation Hazard Prevention Act.

The original website is here. (Japanese page)

P3 level Research Institute for gene recombination and other experiments

(Director) Prof. Takemasa Sakaguchi

This institute is aimed to build research activities on medical・dental・pharmaceutical sciences and related fields involved in genetic recombination research and experiments using microorganisms requiring P3 physical containment level.

Center for Medical Specialist Graduate Education & Research

(Director) Prof. Yukio Ago

This center is aimed for the enforcement and promotion of course works for start-up / advanced Bioscience.

The original website is here.

Center for Anatomical Science and Education

(Director) Prof. Koji Ikegami

The Center is;

  • To plan and to administrate anatomical education for undergraduate students in Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • To construct a system to support anatomical research in Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences and Hiroshima University Hospital, and
  • To assist training for experts in medical and health sciences.
Center for Clinical Anatomy

(Director) Prof. Nobuo Adachi

This center, which was established as a surgical training program in Hiroshima University, is aimed to promote advancement of the use of cadavers in surgical trainings  by procedures including adjustment of implementation time, preparation of donated bodies, and management of the program.

Center for Cause of Death Investigation Research

(Director) Prof. Masataka Nagao

This center is aimed to contribute to society as a regional center for cause of death investigation research, while developing professionals equipped with comprehensive knowledge across disciplines necessary for investigations of cause of death and  promoting the research field.