Message from the Dean

Future development of Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences

“Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences” was  established in April 2019. Our Graduate School has developed as an organization, in which we can nurture global professionals and promote educational research activities in novel or combined fields surpassing frameworks of conventional academic areas with a fusion of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and health science. We collaborate closely with the University Hospital, the Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, and Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development at Kasumi Campus. We continue to cultivate world-class researchers of life science area who are also rooted in the region, and have medical ethics. We must also be considerate of SDGs (Sustainable Developmental Goals).

The system of our organization seems very effective for swift social implementations and globalization, while maintaining academic expertise. We can practice transversal cooperation/fusion for certain missions. This can be achieved by the supervision of the Research Promotion Committee which consists of five Interdisciplinary Research Sections; “Cancer and Genome-based medicine”, “Brain- and Neuro-science”, “Regeneration/Immunology/Infection/Allergy”, “Aging/Elderly Medical Service/ Lifestyle-related disease/Social medicine”, and “Embryology/Development/Growth”. In addition, cooperation between “Biomedical and Health Sciences” and “Integrated Science for Life” which is located in Higashi- Hiroshima Campus, is proceeding.

Activity by the University was largely limited due to Covid-19 in the past few years. This situation will continue for the moment. Chances are reduced by face-to-face discussion. However, the number of participants using the website is increasing. Online course or e-learning should increase, and we will try to enrich the lectures in English. Let’s take part in the activities under infection prevention. Thanks for your future support as well.

Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences
Hirofumi Maruyama