Newsletter (English version, Issue 18) has been published

P1) Toward a new age for G.ecbo 
Dr. Yasushi HIGO, Professor
Chairperson, G.ecbo Program Executive Committee
Member of the i-ECBO Program Executive Committee
Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC)

P2-3) Activities of G.ecbo Alumni
*Yoshinori ASADA (Interned at Grameen Shakti in AY2011)
*Kenta TANAKA (Interned at JICA Makassar Field Office in AY2011)

P4-5) Report on the Internship Survey ​

P6-7) Influence of internship on Job-hunting Activities
 *Azusa OSHIMA (Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation)
 *Aoi SOHARA (Graduate School of Letters)

P8) AY2018 G.ecbo Program Intern Record and Master's /Doctor's Theses Related to the Internship Program

P9-11) Internship Report

P12) G.ecbo Risk Management and Activity Report of AY2018

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