YANG Kunhao

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Born in Beijing, Dr. Yang attended Fudan University, and after graduating in July 2015, he went on to study at Tsinghua University, where he acquired his master’s degree in July 2018. Acting on his desire to study in the broader world away from home, he came to Japan to study, and in September 2021, he acquired his doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo. After working at Waseda University and Chuo Gakuin University, he assumed his current post in April 2023.

The widespread adaptation of smartphones has blurred the lines between offline and online. Our behaviors and activities are continuously saved as data. For instance, shopping and making a reservation at a restaurant were moved from offline to online. All of this information is then used by companies. The concept of Computational Social Science, which Dr. Yang is working on, analyzes the behavioral patterns of large-scale human activities using machine learning methods. This is a new field of study born from the development of online society, but it is a promising direction that holds the key to constructing future societal activities, all the while confronting the fundamental question of, “what is a human being?”